Two independent CEO’s lead their executive management teams and organisation underneath them. Executive management teams are reporting to their respective Chairman and the Board of Directors. For more information about the executive management teams please see divisional sites.

Serkan Arlı


Group CEO

Serkan Arli is the Group CEO of brokerage division of Global Kapital Group. He holds Bachelors degree in Economics from Bosphorus University and Masters degree in Information Systems from University of Houston. His professional career started in Houston, Texas.

Having combined his academic background and experiences in IT industry and finance, he has been actively dealing with world financial markets for more than 20 years. He joined the Group at it’s inception. He has co-lead the company to become one of the best brokerage firms in the world. He has been instrumental part of its growth from a start-up to over 800 employee workforce. He currently manages operations in over twenty countries serving circa 100,000 clients.

Kasım Garipoğlu


Group CEO
Alternative Finance

After founding and operationally managing the brokerage arm of the group, Mr. Kasim Garipoglu has now taken an operational role as Group CEO for Alternative Finance. An experienced entrepreneur CEO and skilled investor, he has served in various different roles within the group and previously built successful international fintech businesses from ground-up.

Mr. Kasim Garipoglu has strong governance and innovative business/product skills with hands-on experience through Global Kapital Group. Although he has mainly worked in an entrepreneur CEO role throughout his professional career within the group, he is also an experienced investor who has acquired and expanded a portfolio of external fin-tech companies.