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GKFX Financial Services Limited is a global, UK based and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated online Forex trading company. GKFX offers advanced online FX, CFD and commodity brokerage platforms and services to traders globally. Our mission is to put integrity and quality of service to the forefront of our business.

This, combined with our commitment to deliver a global multi asset trading facility, makes us well placed to be one of the premier financial trading companies in the world.

In addition to its headquarter in London, GKFX has offices and operations in more than 20 different cities all over the world and plays a major role in global finance markets. Its work force of more than 800 employees consisting of experienced forex professionals are scattered in financial hubs such as London, Frankfurt, Madrid and Dubai.


GKPro Financial Services Ltd is a global FCA regulated online institutional brokerage of Forex. GKPro offers advanced, low-latency online FX, CFD and Commodity brokerage platforms and services to institutional traders. Our mission is to put integrity and quality of service at the heart of our business.

We provide institutional traders and businesses with an award-winning bespoke service, designed to meet their individual needs.

At GKPro we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, therefore we endeavor to deliver products and services specific to your needs.


AKFX Financial Services Limited is a Malta based online Forex trading company authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) since 2013. AKFX provides both private and institutional clients with cutting-edge forex services that deliver effective multi-asset trading.

AKFX has designed a tailor-made solution for every type and level of trader. Our clients can achieve a seamless trading experience optimized to their specifications, enabled by AKFX’s powerful technology.

Our best-in-class user experience, wide-range of offering and consistent focus on innovation are some of the key elements that fostered our growth over the past few years. At AKFX, we strive to create an environment that both respects our clients and equip them with powerful tools for their trading activities.




Alternative finance is a fresh new approach for your money. Here at Global Kapital Group we wont make you jump through the hoops to get accepted like many of the high street banks because we are a unique alternative finance company.

We don’t have one of those stuffy branches, as we’re all online. Access to your money 24/7 from you mobile, tablet and computer, cheaper rates when you transfer money abroad, and with a wide range of services including a full range of finance options, from small loans to virtual accounts and payment services, all of which can be managed online.

Whilst we are focused primarily on customer service, we have a state-of-the-art IT system to support our platform and ensure the customer journey is both enjoyable and efficient. Global Kapital Group will find the best possible account tailored to suit you. So come join us and see our exciting fresh approach, taking finance to a whole new level. The future of finance, today.


myKredit is a consumer lending firm operating in UK, Spain, Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Headquartered in London, myKredit is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide online, bank independent and convenient loans to its consumers.

myKredit removes all the wrongness, letting people access credit at the lowest possible true cost. We are constantly extending our credit offering across three continents with innovative products such as such flexible instalment loans, bank-independent overdrafts, micro business loans and with services such as risk-based pricing and loans via mobile apps.

Removing all of the hurdles from the credit application process, myKredit’s fully automated lending technology verifies our customers and evaluates their credit worthiness in matter of seconds. We only lend to those able to demonstrate their creditworthiness and pass our strict affordability assessment.


gkPay is an innovative company specialising in emerging payments. Headquartered in London, gkPay is currently in Beta stage and is undergoing its authorization process to deliver our services to consumers across Europe. Our goal is to become one of the most respected and largest payments companies in the world, trusted by consumers, companies and merchants everywhere.

We have developed a wide range of payment products including money transfers, multi-currency contactless debit cards virtual accounts. In today’s world, transaction security is paramount. We provide our customers with the tools to make and accept secure payments globally so they can minimise the risk of fraud, and provide a trusted environment for their payments.

Here at gkPay we strongly believe in simplicity. In a world where time is everything we think that payments should be fast and easy. Created with this vision in mind, we offer a range of E-Money services that is easy to use and gives our customers peace of mind.


gkCredit is headquartered in London and provides tailor-made funding solutions to small businesses through an online automated platform. Our platform is designed for simplicity and ease of use to ensure companies are able to apply and receive funding at any hour of the day from any device connected to the internet.

Our business loan is a simple financing solution which can provide additional working capital for a small business. We support companies whether they are looking to improve their cash flow, hire new employees, expand their business, purchase inventory or require funding for advertisements & promotions.

Whilst we are a technology driven company, we firmly believe that good relationships must remain at the core of our organisation. Therefore, we are committed to developing long term relationships with our customers. Working hand in hand with a team of professional underwriters, our experienced relationship managers are dedicated to understanding our customers’ needs and guiding them through the process from the initial application to loan repayments.

GK Capital

Headquartered in London, gkCapital aims to become one of the world’s leading loan marketplaces focused on individuals and small and medium businesses. Through our P2P platform, individuals and businesses can borrow directly from a wide range of investors, including individuals, other companies, and financial organizations.

We offer simple, technology-driven and affordable loan products to our customers, eliminating the complexity of working with a financial institution. Additionally, our P2P loans give borrowers access to financing that they may not have otherwise gotten approval for by standard financial intermediaries.

We welcome investors to earn at great rates, by lending through gkCapital loan book which is comprised of a mix of unsecured and asset-backed loans. Our lending technology qualifies borrowers based on a complex algorithm, which minimizes the risk for investors significanty. Furthermore, our protection funds cover loan defaults to a certain degree, one of the highest safeguard protection percentage.




Mateli is a spin-off from the group and its undergoing authorisation process.
Throughout the process, we will up-date the site accordingly.
The doors are opening soon